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We help businesses get found online with the purpose of getting you more leads, online sales and phone calls. Our goal is to be our customers’ Chief Marketing Officer, who helps identify the biggest opportunities specific for your business and turn those opportunities into new sales.

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Tacoma Marketing

With the team at David White Marketing Services at your side, you’ll quickly find that the number one goal is client success. They use every tool in the toolbox to get your phone to ring, and they never quit! From ads in Google to ads on TV, you’re covered across all professional and community platforms.

David White has a talented team of professional copywriters, content creators, graphic artists, profile designers, web developers and social media gurus to help you grow your business and get found online. Digital marketing with David is the way to go if you’re ready to to bring your business to the next level.

Check out our podcast, Marketing Simplified, where we talk about the strategies and technology used to drive web traffic and increase conversion rates!

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Tacoma Marketing Agency

Based in Tacoma, Washington, the team at David White Marketing Services work around the clock for their clients. They take great pride in their commitment to client success and are laser focused on beating the competition. With David and his team, you can expect dedicated communication, quick problem solving, and lots of high fives when they get your phone ringing.

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Search Engine Optimization

Terra & Mitch get our customers to rank at the top of Google. If people search for your product or service on Google, they will find a way to drive those people to your website. Did you know that 2000 people search for Nursing Home in Washington every month. Want to know what keywords are most lucrative to your business?

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David White

David White, owner and CEO of David White Marketing Services, has led many brands over the last 20 years in the ever changing world of digital marketing. Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, David’s enthusiastic and excitable demeanor has earned him quite the resume profile, and a well versed approach in marketing technology. Among many companies nationwide that have reaped the benefits of working alongside him, David has developed advertising campaigns for household names such as Amazon, Target, Microsoft, and World Vision International. But don’t take him too seriously, he’ll have you laughing with his common word mispronunciations, like oregano, and amusing stories featuring his many barn animals. David White has quick witted nature and extensive knowledge in advertising, which has allowed him to become a fierce leader in the world of successful marketing. Plus, he has fun doing so!

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